Thursday | June 08, 2023
7:32 am
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Innovative eyewear has launched AI-powered glasses as ChatGPT integrates with product development.

The prevalence of ChatGPT appears to be widespread and ubiquitous, particularly in the realm of consumer goods where multiple categories such as product innovation are experiencing rapid expansion. br>Innovative Eyewear, known for producing eyeglasses under the brands Lucyd, Nautica, and Eddie Bauer, has recently introduced a new line of voice-activated eyewear embedded with ChatGPT technology. br>With the aid of the company's innovative and patent-pending lucyd app, consumers have the ability to utilize the microphones integrated into the glasses and ask for responses from ChatGPT via Siri or Google voice, which are then delivered through the stereo speakers. The app can synchronize with a range of listening devices, such as AirPods. Aside from its voice assistant capabilities, the smart glasses are also capable of playing music, receiving and making calls, and integrating with other voice assistant technologies. The incorporation of ChatGPT allows users to maximize the AI-powered capabilities of the glasses. br>Harrison Gross, the CEO of Innovative Eyewear, stated that users can easily inquire about a variety of things, including translating languages, searching for recipes or pop culture information, simply by speaking into the microphones that are seamlessly built into Lucyd glasses. By linking to ChatGPT, users can obtain detailed research on almost any topic, creating one of the most effective mobile learning platforms, according to Gross. br>In 2013, Google introduced Google Glass, which was aimed at providing consumers with hands-free information, in an attempt to enter the emerging market of smart wearable technology. However, the product was eventually discontinued, with Google announcing on its website that they would no longer sell the product after March 15, 2023, but would continue to support Glass Enterprise Edition until September 15, 2023. br>With the advancements in generative AI, there is a growing interest in smart wearable technology that relies on artificial intelligence. Recently, new applications such as WatchGPT and Amazfit smartwatches have incorporated ChatGPT functionality, indicating a potential for such technology to be utilized in the market. br>CGT conducted a study revealing three potential business areas in which ChatGPT could be useful: merchandising, content creation, and consumer engagement. According to Subroto Mukherjee, Microsoft's strategy lead for various industries including artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, generative AI models like ChatGPT can create personalized copy content, audio, video, and images in different languages at a rapid pace, thus saving time and cost for audiences across different geographical boundaries.